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Galen Data’s cloud platform provides a cost-effective and compliant solution for medical device connectivity, visualization, analytics and much more.

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What You Get With The Galen Cloud

Speed to Market

Reduced development cost and time - on average 12x faster


Designed to look and feel equally great on all device types and screens

Full Compliance

Full regulatory audit support (FDA, CE, Health Canada)

Reduced Regulatory Risk

Developed under ISO 13485 certified quality management system


Scalable, secure and modern data storage capabilities

Ease of Use

Intuitive and smooth user experience, perfect for both newcomers and experts


24/7 access with 99.9% uptime guarantee & technical support


Can be completely personalized to fit your needs, ensuring you get all the tools required

Discover the Galen Cloud


Companies of all sizes rely on Galen Data to support their medical devices.

With industry-leading speed, security and innovation at incredibly competitive prices, Galen Data is the perfect solution for your business.

“The time we saved was the most critical aspect of working with Galen Data. It would have been at least six months building cloud connectivity from scratch.”
Greg O'Grady
Co-Founder and CEO | Alimetry

What they say

"We only wish we found Galen Data sooner. The Galen Cloud allowed Cardi/o® to have a fully operational cloud platform within a matter of weeks."

Sajol Ghoshal | CEO, Advanced Telensesors

What they say

"Without Galen Data, we wouldn't have been able to develop our fully-connected SleepBridge data exchange and submit to the FDA within our aggressive timeline."

Ed McCarthy | Senior Director of Business Development, Somnera

Focus on building and improving your device - not your infrastructure.

Galen Data allows medical device companies to focus on medical innovation without needing to become experts in software design, data storage infrastructure, cyber-security and global regulations.

We offer a turn-key, configurable, scalable, and easy-to-use platform that allows medical devices to centralize data and leverage cloud technologies.

Collect and securely store data

Visualize and analyze patient and device data

Maintained and secured by Galen Data

FDA and global regulatory compliance

HIPAA/GDPR and ISO 13485:2016 Certified

Our products and processes are built to meet the needs of companies of all sizes, from start-ups to large MedTech and pharma companies in clinical trials and commercial sales.

Plus, the Galen Cloud provides tremendous savings in terms of time-to-market, risk, and cost.

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Essential Features for Medical Device Innovators


Access controls

Provide access to health care providers, patients, and families, and control what data elements each user can see. All of this in a simple, quick and secure way.


Device data modeling

Configure data collection with our device data modeler, and easily create workflows for data to allow for post-processing.


Remote patient monitoring

Set up alerts for abnormal readings, or check information on our mobile friendly portal.


Security & compliance

FDA, European MDD, and Health Canada regulatory compliance, plus adherence to HIPAA and EU General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) with encrypted data transfer and storage.


Insights & analytics

Instant data exports for analysis and reporting, and multiple data visualizations for gathering new insights.



Adapts perfectly to all devices and screen sizes, offering you a smooth, seamless experience.

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What to consider when connecting a medical device to the cloud

This comprehensive guide answers everything you need to know to get started with device-to-cloud connectivity and avoid common pitfalls before it’s too late.

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    The Galen Cloud

    The ultimate solution for cloud-connected medical devices – fast, safe, powerful and easy to use, all at an incredibly attractive price.

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